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We influence the future by creating change.

Culture-Driven Intelligence enables us to understand the market and the consumer before we craft an effective and optimal experience for people to enjoy.

Upfront research is imperative to inspire, inform and validate the design process. It aids in communicating the vision of the new business landscape by understanding how emerging socio-cultural movements shape our society and affect lifestyle behavioral shifts in consumer attitudes, values and belief systems.

As Research Director at Y Studios, Lisa Yong crafts research programs that can help validate brand values, identify new consumers, define new markets and create innovative solutions for our clients. She is well-versed in attaining contextual insights that inspire and guide design thinking and development. In doing so, Lisa creates meaningful and effective design solutions for production. Her integrated approach is a holistic synthesis of research, design and CMF* knowledge into a cohesive methodology for developing a robust design language that allows for product differentiation. This increases success rate in a competitive market.

*CMF = Colors, Materials, Finishes


Futurescoping explores how macro socio-cultural movements drive paradigm shifts in cultural behaviors, values and belief systems. Lisa is experienced in identifying key change agents in industries that influence new business opportunities, consumers and product categories of growth for her clients.

Ongoing monitoring and analysis of socio-cultural influencers in consumer, lifestyle and technology research provides valuable insights on noteworthy cultural movements that play a significant role in the way people live, work and play.


The North American cultural landscape is multi-faceted, complex and layered with multiple points of references. It has transcended into a hyphenated world, where its patchwork of diverse cultures and belief systems form non-traditional relationships. These cross influences are mutually shared to create a fusion of new ideas and aesthetic expressions.

Multi-ethnic layering is transforming the face of the modern American consumer and aspirational needs. Lisa's process of ongoing research continually explores the blurring boundaries of culture and identity in driving new behavioral attitudes and mindsets.


Asians in America have become a prominent influence in shaping the new American identity. They are the majority minority in many parts of the United States, infiltrating into various professions – most notably in the creative fields like arts, fashion and food – where they are being recognized as major arbiters of good style and taste in mainstream America.

This phenomenon is explored in diverse categories like Food, Design, Business and Politics - all published under Y Studios' INSIGHTS, a series of mini zines that explore a diversity of inspirational cultural movements that influence the way we live, work, play and imagine.


Comparative Analysis is a validation tool that evaluates business models and product categories related to the consumer lifestyle, aspirational needs and consumption attitudes. It is a conducive way to provide a comparative overview of the business and cultural landscape. This enables the exploration of new perceptions on branding experiences, identify new business models and categories of relevance, as well as challenge existing expectations of consumption attitudes.


Consumer behaviors continually evolve with lifestyle influencers. Lisa helps her clients understand new consumer behaviors that revolve around key generational and gender differentiators in diverse segments of consumers e.g. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha etc.

Insights can be derived from informal interviews with industry experts and consumers, as well as from Comparative Analysis on lifestyle needs that we can use to create Lifestyle Persona stories to help define new categories of consumers.


Understanding cultural influencers in consumer lifestyle choices is key to discovering new consumer passions. Insights from informal interviews with target consumers are further enhanced by analyzing iconic representation of these hypothetical consumers within the cultural context of their lifestyle environments.


CMF Design Strategy (CMD)* is a holistic synthesis of research, design and CMF insights into a cohesive methodology that provides vision and guidelines for the development of a robust design language. A comprehensive CMD Strategy is fundamental to the Industrial Design (ID) process and needs to be at the front end of the design development cycle.

Lisa is well-versed in developing optimal CMD programs that integrate CMF recommendations into ID concepts for a more comprehensive approach to design language development that help create product differentiation and increase success rate in a competitive market.

*CMF = Colors, Materials, Finishes; CMD = CMF + Design


While at Y Studios, Lisa often collaborates with CMF experts, vendors and contract manufacturers to provide a seamless approach to research-driven design innovation and new product development: from macro strategy to design implementation and production feasibility.

Designed in collaboration with Sonos, this limited edition PLAY:1 was created to celebrate Blue Note Record’s 75th Anniversary. Y Studios worked closely with vendors spanning both sides of the Pacific to get the colors just right. Together with a custom paint applicator, we innovated on new ways to apply an ombré effect that has never been seen before on a consumer electronics product.


Immersive Cultural Excursions are bespoke, curated experiences that offer first hand encounters with key influencers in market-specific industries of interest to our clients.

Through these individually crafted excursions, participants can observe and respond to the latest business, cultural and technology trends in the San Francisco Bay Area and other U. S. cities if desired. They provide an insider’s guide to experiencing city cultures, as well as gain exposure to unique insights that can generate ideas for innovative design experience concepts, as well as new business models and market opportunities for clients.

Please contact for more information on how Lisa can help your business gain a competitive edge.

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