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MTV Asia: Collections of Cool Asia

MTV’s Collection of Cool Asia is a collection of insights on what is cool in the youth market across Asia. It is designed as a “think piece” to kick-start further understanding of the behavior of young people in Asia today, and how they will behave tomorrow.

More than ever before, we live in a culture defined by the media. The power of consumers to adapt comes naturally, going hand in hand with their constant search for new forms of self-expression and empowerment.

The Asian youth market is key to any brand in the world. With 1.24 billion people aged 15 to 34, they represent a fifth of the world’s population. They worship brands, idolize music stars and adore movie icons. They also have an immense drive to succeed and to make a difference in their lives.

MTV Networks strongly believes that the best way to keep up with this dynamic audience and ensure their brands remain compelling and relevant is to delve into their motivations and understand how they relate to the world. In a market so large and diverse, MTV needs to constantly pin-point key trends on a local and regional basis to aid their understanding of what they are, where they start and how they disperse.

By making the connection, Collection of Cool Asia is an important initiative for MTV as a first step in reaching this goal.


This limited-edition book was originally published in June 2006.

Lisa Yong contributed two articles in this publication: Pretty Boy Culture and Asian Art Collectives .

Click on link below to download copy.

MTV Asia Collections of Cool Asia_Lisa Y
Download • 3.86MB

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